#1 Reason Americans Plan to Vote for Hillary

The #1 reason Americans plan to vote for Hillary: The plain and simple truth is their ignorance. Pop culture and a liberal media have guided these sheep into believing and supporting the indefensible. It truly is a shame when the ignorant have no clue that they are ignorant. Hillary supports the following:

  1. Obamacare architect Gruber – on video – calls you too stupid to understand simple economics & that Obamacare would have never passed if Americans knew this was just a huge tax.
  2. Planned Parenthood, top abortion provider in the world, is caught selling baby body parts for profit. In a civilized world, it would have been closed down immediately.
  3. As Muslims commit terrorist acts one after the other, democrat politicians ask you to look the other way. Hillary runs on bringing millions more to America and is on video calling for open borders.
  4. The Clinton Foundation is built on millions of dollars funded by the Mid-East.
  5. Democrats have encouraged Black Lives Matter built on thugs – also named innocent black youth – being killed by police to ensue race riots.
  6. Democrats support public teacher unions to the point of closing charter schools proven to be beneficial to the education of minorities and push poor curricula.

The ignorant are like sheep. They say nothing and continue to support smooth-talking politicians. The architect of Obamacare calls you stupid? You find out in America people are selling baby body parts? Unvetted Muslims are coming to America and committing terrorist acts? Your presidential candidate is indebted to Mid-Eastern countries? Blacks are killing our police because they have a grievance? Successful charter schools are closed? Americans supporting democrats are complicitly supporting the above.

Questioning any of the six above results in the same answer: money for politicians & their friends. Period. Everyday Americans are hurt by these policies, and badly. Hillary supporters should ask themselves why on earth am I listening to her spew her garbage when all we get out of it is garbage. No matter how many times she states that she is for children, for women, for minorities, blah, blah, blah, question the six above and ask yourself if this woman who defends the above deserves your vote as President of the United States. Money is power and this woman will be dangerous with power.

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The Elite Still Think We Care What They Think

Trump will win the presidency. This will be despite everything thrown against the wall at Trump: media-backing of H, elite republican politicians trashing Trump, Trump’s locker room talk videos, non-issues such at the O’s birth certificate, Trump’s taxes & sure more to come before November 8. Even fraudulent voting will not topple Trump.

Trump is the end of liberal progressivism in America. Trump will bring the end of political correctness, the end of political elite power, the end of sending our tax dollars as thanks to donors, end of faux racism and police hatred, end of LGBTQ in our faces, end of government positions going to donors and friends, and finally, the end of the Clinton machine. Trump will bring business sense to the national budget, tax reform and regulations. He will surround himself with quality leadership bringing strength to our military and competence to government entities such as EPA, IRS, and Homeland Security. Our Justice Department and Supreme Court will follow the law and our constitution. When the economy recorrects from zero percent interest rate, Americans can feel some sort of relief that a successful, competent businessman is in charge.

Americans are no longer allowing the powerful media and political elite to determine our future. The ones left behind will be those who continue coddling progressive values such as denigrating whites as privileged, actively promoting welfare as a way of life, promoting victim-hood to minorities as a right to destroy communities, teaching feelings over knowledge, and trying to convince Americans that Islamic terrorism isn’t a problem. We want America back strong and sane. We want our patriotism to shine. We want to feel safe. We want our children to know the America we know. With Trump, Americans will know that the United States is run by a president who has their best interests at heart.

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A Smug, Lying, Power-hungry, Indebted Woman Wants to Be President

Trump is hugely correct on this point: Without the media behind H, she would not have a chance of being near the White House. The truth on this woman is frightening. It should be laughable that she is this close to the presidency. But, this is liberal progressive media-backing of a deplorable candidate as a thoughtful, caring grandmother politician. Smart thinking Americans must ask themselves – Why the hell would we want to put this smug, lying, power-hungry, indebted woman to her powerful crony friends and foreign countries in charge of our lives? November 8th is the time to show the political elite and media where they can stick it.

H will continue Obama’s legacy of lining donor friends’ pockets at our expense. This scam should be punishable by jail. We don’t need another super-indebted president handing out taxpayer money to her friends via cooperation of her justice department. In addition to the money, H is far from being a friend of the American public. She will continue to promote anti-American security laws and regulations. Americans deserve better than open immigration and a blind eye to Islamic terrorism.

Americans know why the political elites and the media want and need H. It is all about the corrupt power that they are used to and like very much. Trump is our chance to break up this powerhouse of corrupt politicians and media. Period. We have had enough and want true leadership that is of the people, for the people, by the people. One necessary leadership quality of successful people is that they surround themselves with the best. Successful businessman Trump has a history of assigning the best and brightest to necessary positions. We already know who H will surround herself with – her biggest donors who paid to play. The United States does deserve better than this corrupt woman, right?

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The Deplorable Democrats

We all know who the deplorable one is when a political party candidate considers a quarter to half of the U.S. population as deplorable. This presidential candidate should have no right to be in contention to lead our nation after rattling off the opposing party’s supporters of being every derogatory comment on the tip of her tongue – racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic and “you name it”. For you deplorables who don’t realize what you are, xenophobic means the fear of people from other countries.

I for one am sick of hearing her name and having the news revolve around her. Her name has been shoved in our faces for over two decades as the smartest woman in the world. But hell, she did leave the White House dead broke and convinced people to support her non-profit to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Secretary of State Kerry must have thought she was clever; he funneled around $10 million in tax dollars to his own daughter’s non-profit. These smart democrats are downright deplorable and need to be kicked out on their asses. Unfortunately for Hillary, she may be taken out on a stretcher. This candidate is so power hungry for the ultimate position of leading the United States that she continues to trot her sick self out in public pretending to be presidential material. It is not only deplorable, it is downright selfish. It would be refreshing for democrat supporters to turn against this candidate and send her into retirement for the good of the nation.

Recap of her accomplishments:

  • Carpetbagging New York elections riding her husband’s coattails to position of Senator
  • The red button for Russian relations with the word Reset which translated to Overcharge
  • Being Secretary of State – leaving the Mideast in flames & migrants invading European countries
  • Claimed T. Kennedy’s children’s CHIP program as her own
  • Claimed to work for vets as all politicians claim
  • Women’s rights which boils down to funding the top abortion provider who sells baby body parts with hundreds of millions in tax dollars that are funneled back to democrat candidates
  • Supports gay marriage/LBGT while accepting millions in support from countries that stone gays/LBGT’s to death
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Trump is Being Carrie Underwooded

Carrie Underwood won a singing show, became the darling of country music and miffed the seasoned veterans who had put in their time in the biz. Trump is being Carrie Underwooded by the political elite. He came into a new arena without putting his time into the system and jumped ahead to the ultimate prize of presidential candidate. This wasn’t supposed to happen to an outsider.

The voters chose Trump by the millions precisely because he was not the system. He’s a self-made businessman who sees the danger that progressives such as Obama and Hillary have wrought on the United States. Why on earth are our kids being taught to hate the United States? Why on earth are blacks torching cities hating on police? Why on earth are men now welcome in girls’ bathrooms? Why on earth are Muslims and their Sharia laws besting our Constitution? Why on earth are all the government agencies under Obama performing disgracefully and illegally – the VA, EPA, IRS, HUD, Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Defense, Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection? Perhaps the citizens have finally had enough corruption, cronyism and progressivism and have hope that a successful businessman can clean it up. In other words, we want Trump to lead America in making it great again.

The media and political elites can throw the most inane intimations at Trump waiting for something to cause the Trump meltdown. Newsflash – the meltdown isn’t going to happen. The millions of citizens that voted for Trump are waiting to cast their votes again in November. And it can’t get here soon enough. We are tired of the progressive foolishness that is tearing our country apart. We have tired of waiting for our established politicians to turn this around. No matter how much Trump is Carrie Underwooded, we stand behind him.

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Muslims are the Bigoted, Racist, Homophobes – not the Republicans

Liberals claim to love the Muslims and the gays. Liberal leaders are at a crossroads because their leadership has resulted in the largest mass murder targeting gays on American soil at the hands of a Muslim. Muslims are taught to hate gays and kill them. Muslims who kill gays are not radical; they are devout. Obama and Hillary have said they will continue the immigration of Muslims from terrorist countries by the tens of thousands despite the odds that terrorist attacks will increase.

Liberal supporters find themselves at a crossroads: are the socially agreeable policies worth the threat of more Muslim attacks? I don’t know why liberal leaders are so intent on bringing more Muslims to the United States. It could be that Barrack Hussein Obama who grew up in Muslim schools is sympathetic to Muslims. Is his fundamental transformation to revert the United States from a Christian nation to Islamic? Has Hillary sold her soul to the Muslims just to increase her bank account? Nothing explains the danger that their leadership has wrought.

Gays have the option of joining conservative republicans. According to the meme of liberal leadership, we are supposed to be the bigoted, racist, homophobes. The truth is we knew you in high school before you came out of the closet. We admire your creativity and carefree ways. We also never think of your sexuality anymore that you think of ours. The mass murder of your fellow gays hurts us because we are all human. Many republicans are the most accepting and welcoming of all. As conservative republicans, we want security and economic stability so that all can prosper. We are sorry that you are an enemy of the Muslims but we do have that in common – we are all infidels to them.

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The Good News About Trump

Trump supporters will not be swayed by anything Hillary or any democrat will throw at Trump. They are loyal and nothing will keep them from voting for their candidate. Nothing. The negative advertising will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars and not one dollar will convince a Trump supporter to vote democrat. The negative advertising will convert democrat voters to wonder why they shouldn’t vote for Trump and then they will. Hillary and the democrats will find out that Trump earned the top republican slot.

From the beginning of Trump’s candidacy, he talked about the illegals. Then an illegal killed an innocent American on a San Francisco pier. Trump talked about the Muslims and how we don’t know enough about them. Then Muslims committed murders against their co-workers in California. Trump said that we should stop letting Muslim refugees in because they could be terrorists. Then Muslim refugees slaughtered Parisians at a concert. Trump was always one step ahead of events, by chance, but they were big events, even huge as Trump says.

Hillary’s baggage should have kept her holed up at her home but since she has the gall to run for president, Trump will open up her baggage for all to see. Despite my ideal candidate being Cruz, perhaps Trump is the person for our times. In this day and age, the tweet gets the worm. The democrats have become so nasty that it takes a tough candidate like Trump to maneuver through the bullsh%$. Go get ’em, Trump, and may the best man win.

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Why the Conservative Candidate Cruz Failed This Time

Ted Cruz failed to win the republican primary for 2016. Hoping things will go his way 2020. Hillary or whatever democrat candidate must fail this year so if it is the Donald, so be it. We know what we will get with a Hillary or democrat president – more of the Obama agenda and horrific Supreme Court Justices. In retrospect, some reasons Cruz didn’t cinch the nomination:

  • Tea Party favorite Rubio went all in for amnesty siding with establishment republicans – he helped taint conservative politicians across the board.
  • Republican politicians failed to defund Planned Parenthood despite getting caught manipulating abortions to obtain intact baby parts and then selling them.
  • Republican politicians failed to defund Obama’s agenda on bringing in illegals and Muslims and dispursing them across our nation.
  • The Cruz-Kasich alliance lost the PR meme to Trump who accused them of colluding.
  • Cruz lost the meme on freedom of religion to instilling his religion on everyone.
  • Every word Trump spewed became the election news, ignoring the competing candidates – we noticed, Fox News.
  • Cruz should have demanded a debate with Trump. Tag-along Kasich would have had to be invited.
  • Cruz let Trump continually brag about the idea to build a wall when he could have aired his 2012 video on building a wall.
  • Cruz should have countered the Lyin’ Ted with the many Trump lies.

A Trump-Cruz debate was needed. Cruz could have been creative and defined their differences on his own terms. Since Trump refused to debate Cruz, Cruz should have had the debate with a Trump fill-in. It could have been a SNL style debate but totally scripted by Cruz resulting in a You-Tube sensation. This debate would have been the most entertaining and informative on the issues.

As a Cruz supporter, the fat lady hasn’t completed her song leaving a smidgen of hope for Cruz to become our nominee. Hope is a good thing.

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Thoughts on Cruz Suspending Campaign

Republicans had a constitutional conservative presidential choice in Ted Cruz who would have brought back law and honor to our country. They blew it; Cruz bowed out this evening. The current president disregards our Constitution with the assistance of republican representatives and senators. The anger directed at the republican establishment is palpable. Republican voters feared another establishment candidate and when political outsider Trump entered the race claiming that he would make America great again, they jumped to him.

Trump’s popularity soared when he ignored political correctness, especially on illegals and Muslims. The media including the talking heads of Fox News hung onto every word that Trump uttered which was often derogatory remarks about his fellow candidates. Fox News all but ignored the other candidates including Cruz who is on video from 2012 talking about building a wall, one of Trump’s claims that he alone came up with this idea. Cruz became Trump’s main competition and when they debated one on one . . . oh, right, they didn’t. Trump would have been clobbered by Cruz and outed as an ignorant buffoon. News outlets could have reported on policies and backgrounds of Cruz and Trump. Instead, we got to hear Trump call Cruz ‘Lyin Ted’, unhinged, desperate and wacko. Up to the very last day of Cruz’s campaign, Trump tied Cruz’s dad to Lee Harvey Oswald – absolutely nothing to do with policy and the direction of our country. And then Indiana voted for Trump over Cruz who is uncannily intelligent, honest and a truly good person.

Now the election moves to the phase where the media turns against the republican candidate. Cruz warned us that Trump was part of the hated establishment. Now the media will report on Trump’s funding of democrat party politicians, his New York values, his failings, etc. Trump or democrat, the crony Washington party will continue when we had the candidate who would have broken it up. Americans missed the obvious that Cruz was the answer to their anger. The one thing that Ted Cruz can never admit is that he got along with the establishment. If he did, he would be lyin’.

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Media & Obama-Style Rhetoric Helping Trump

If Trump becomes the republican presidential candidate, once again, the media and Obama-style rhetoric ‘Make America Great Again’ helped make it happen. As a viewer of Fox News, it was clear that every utterance of Trump was the election news. I favored Trump for his assistance in clearing out the establishment candidates. I also welcomed Trump’s style of bashing political correctness. But, Trump’s  non-conservative leanings keep coming to light – his New York values are real. Few details emerge on his foreign policy which is summed up in two phrases: build a wall and destroy ISIS. After Trump won the northeast liberal states, Fox News’ O’Reilly declared Trump the winner. Hannity tried to hen-peck Cruz into talking about Trump’s meme of Cruz as a cheater. Hannity could have talked about all the delegates and states that were coalescing behind Cruz. Other major media outlets ran headlines that Cruz was defeated.

Cruz is running a fantastic campaign and working for every delegate he can, plus he just chose my pick for VP, Carly Fiorina. In the earlier debates, Fiorina was the one person that could be counted on for straight-on, biting attacks of Hillary. Both of these candidates are conservative, very intelligent, and would make great leaders of the United States. Cruz can and will win a contested convention. As much as Trump and Fox News want this primary election over, rules apply. The rule is to reach a majority of the delegates – not close to, or the most, but to reach the number of 1,237. The election is now up to the Hoosiers of Indiana. No pressure.

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