Insuranced to Death by Kithy

I am sick to death of paying for insurance. I know I need it, but does it have to be so darn expensive? What happened to catastrophic insurance? The cheap stuff that only pays for exorbitant expenses that rarely occur?

I have to carry an additional car payment worth of auto insurance. Not only do I have to carry insurance on my husband and me, but the insurance companies are force placing insurance on children as soon as they get a driver’s license, regardless of whether they own a car or not. My cars are free and clear junkers, yet I pay enough for a brand new car payment and get nothing in return. I hope to get nothing in return – I don’t want to have a huge accident in my family. But, for the cost of a new car?

I have to carry medical insurance, in the range of $400-1100/ month. I have been on Cobra, which is around $1100/mo. Why? Because my husband has a medical issue, and $1100/mo is what he costs whether or not we have insurance. Might as well have the additional coverage in case we need it. Lab fees and medicine and doctor visits add up. $1100/mo is just barely lower than my house payment. Really, I have to pay for a 2nd home and a car, but I don’t get either of these? That’s crap.

I do not know the answer to the high medical cost problem. However, I do know that we are going broke trying to keep up with his medical costs. Are we supposed to pay way more than everyone else because he has an expensive medical condition which is not his fault?

I have to carry homeowners and life insurance, both of which I think are exorbitant. My husband didn’t qualify for term life, so we had to get a rated universal (read more expensive) policy. We needed it when the kids were young and we were one income. It’s the responsible thing to do. But, it sure is difficult to afford all the darn insurances we need.

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    My friend got a new job and got the information on the various health plans with her company. The family, gold-plated plan cost $2,400. That’s extremely affordable dividing it by 12 for $200/month. But the small print said PER MONTH or $28,800/yr which was more than half her salary. The company pays half of the employee share, not any of the family. Compare this to any government plan paid courtesy of taxpayers. My current family plan is $624/mo with a $10,000 deductible.

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