$5 Gallon of Milk, by C. Headrick

A few years ago I hated paying over $4 for a gallon of milk.  Today, I did a double-take at my grocery store when I saw $5 for a gallon.  The thought crosses my mind that hyper-inflation may hit soon and then what?  Am I going to be wishing for the days when milk was only $5 a gallon?  Hyper-inflation doesn’t just happen to an economy.  The government manipulates the currency by printing way too much knowing that the value of a dollar will go way down.  It was such a relief knowing that Obama’s four years were coming to an end and that we survived his term pretty much intact.  These next four years are going to be brutal if Obama’s main goal continues to be wealth redistribution.  How does one prepare for hyper-inflation?  I don’t have any answers except to stock our pantries.  I have some research ahead of me.

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