New Horror Story, by Kithy

I’m reading a new true life horror story, and I just got started, but I’m already horrified by what I’ve read.  It’s called, Fool Me Twice by Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott.  It’s about Obama’s plans for his second term.  It is very well researched, and explains what Obama meant by,  “I want to fundamentally transform America.” “We need to share the wealth, spread it around.”  “You didn’t build that.”  So far, and I haven’t read much, I’ve been reminded that the best way to transform a country is to get rid of it’s money.  Sound familiar?  We are on the brink of a financial calamity like we haven’t seen, and everyone on Obama’s side says they want to go over the cliff.  Geitner said it, Obama said it, Howard Dean said it.  They really do want to destroy the dollar and start over with their own system that has nothing to do with private enterprise, private property rights, ambition, freedom of opportunity.  Marco Rubio is right, the Republicans have to repeat over and over again that it is the party of opportunity, the party of private property rights, the party of freedom of speech and freedom of religion.   The Constitution has stood for two hundred years, and we can’t let someone fundamentally change the greatest nation on earth.

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