Obama’s Economic Plan Hits the Marx, by C. Headrick

Obama’s economic plan is to tax the rich, as if this is the answer to reducing his trillion dollar over-spending per year.  To make it sound more believable, he adds that he can afford to pay a little more, like he really wants to pay a little more.  Yea, right.  Here’s what he really is saying:  There’s wealth in America that I don’t have access to.  I’ll start with taxing the rich, which for now is $250,000, or maybe even $200,000.  I know this will hit the top small businesses who employ the middle class so this will really hurt the middle class.

Central to the Marxist agenda is destruction of the middle class and to end up with exactly what he claims to despise – the ultra rich (he and his buddies) and then everyone else living on their scraps.  There is no one out there who would not like to be rich, including our president.  Obama is living like a king getting ready to take off on his $4 million, 21 day vacation to Hawaii.  He needs our money to continue this charade.  When are people going to wake up and realize that they like successful, rich business people, they like cool things and services that they provide, they like having a job to get to buy these cool things and they like dreaming of being rich one day themselves?   Turning their money over to our government will kill our successful business community, and with it, our dreams.

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