Obama’s Greed by C. Headrick

Can we please call out Obama on HIS GREED?  He rails on the rich and then has $25,000.00 per plate lunches with them.  Receiving obscene amounts of money for a lunch is not greedy.  It is smart fundraising.  However, the payout Obama donors are receiving in return is obscene.  The difference in receiving fundraising money and doling out taxpayer money as payback is criminal to me.  What kind of game is he playing with our taxpayer dollars?

2008 fundraising total: $745 million or $745,000,000.00

2012 fundraising goal:  $1 billion or $1,000,000,000.00

Can we call the $1 trillion or $1,000,000,000,000.00 Stimulus Package for what it really was?  A BIG, GARGANTUAN THANK-YOU to his donors who got him elected.  Really, could he have been elected on his past experiences?

Let’s review:

Harvard Law Editor – ZERO (0) papers written

College Transcripts – UNAVAILABLE

Birth Document – UNAVAILABLE

Community Organizer – What did you learn that he accomplished?

My answer – NOTHING

Religion – Twenty years of Black Liberation Theology from Reverend Wright.  Whites must give back what they took from Blacks.

Illinois Senate – 129 Present Votes, meaning he did not make a yes or no vote on some very controversial bills.  He couldn’t decide if it was good or bad to protect a baby born alive from an unsuccessful abortion!

Election Theme:  Hope and Change.  Did you know what kind of change Obama hoped for?  He let it slip a few times.

Spoken words off teleprompter, paraphrasing:

*Hey, little businessman who hires people and pays them for their work, you are going to be taxed more because I want to spread the money you keep for yourself.  You sure are selfish.

*We are five days away from transforming your country which is the most prosperous country ever.  I know no one will ask me what kind of transformation I mean.  Progressive sounds so hip but I mean progress away from your constitutional rights, which leads to another off teleprompter remark.

*Your constitution is just an old piece of paper written by old, white men that just tells you your rights.  It doesn’t say that I can take those rights away and make my own rules.  How selfish, restraining and outdated from oh so long ago.

And this guy is our President and has a chance of being reelected in 2012?!?  Wake up, America.  He is using our tax dollars as his personal bank account.  Greedy?  Definitely.  Criminal?  We’ll see.

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  1. Ann says:

    When the numbers are written out, it really jumps out how much is being spent.

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