Occupiers’ Modus Operandi by C. Headrick

Do the Occupiers have a point?  From what I gather from posted videos and MSM, the protest is against social and economic inequality and corporate greed.  

Corporate greed is not a reality.  Corporations are small businesses that grow because of their success, a common goal of businesses – to grow and become successful.  People voluntarily pay money to the business for the product or service it has offered.  The more money that people pay to the business, the more money the corporation makes.  Ooooooo.  If the corporation is greedy, aren’t the people who want the product or service greedy?  NO.  That is NOT greed.  Greedy is seeing a bowl of Halloween candy and grabbing as much as you want.  You’re offered a piece of candy but that’s not enough for you.  You want more.  It is also complaining that someone has more than you and you want more, just because. Ouch.  The Occupiers fill that definition.

Social and economic inequality is a reality.  And it always will be.  And the beautiful thing about the United States is that you can move from the varying levels.  AND everyone has the opportunity to do so.  I hate seeing poverty and would like everyone to do well.   However, it is up to each individual to go about getting what he or she wants.

I see the Occupiers as beggars.  Their modus operandi is begging to get what they want.  We will all see how this works out for them.  They might find out that this only gets them so much.  They may find out that getting jobs or creating their own destinies works best.  I love my 16 year old nephew’s story.  He could not wait to get a job at McDonald’s.  His friends ripped him for becoming a hamburger flipper.  He didn’t care; he wanted to save for a car.  He recently purchased a $1,200.00 car and he is proud.

There are two clashing mindsets in America today.  They can easily be summed up as  I want what you want and I am going to complain about it or I am going to work for it.  Occupiers, protesting is not work.

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  1. TBird says:

    The OWSers ought to be picketing in front of the White House. Obama’s policies are what are preventing corporations from being able and willing to hire them.

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