The Romney/Ryan Ticket, by C. Headrick

Romney didn’t pick ‘an incredibly boring white guy’ for VP as he was asked by NBC’s Brian Williams.  He picked the guy that is depicted in video clips physically dumping Granny off a cliff.  Unfortunately for the Dems, Paul Ryan sure doesn’t look like a guy who hates his grandmother or anyone else’s for that matter.  He could be described as Obama had been:  articulate with perfectly creased pants.  Of course we have found out that doesn’t translate into a great leader.  It just means that the words coming out of your mouth sound great and you’re well-dressed.

The Republican ticket of Governor Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan is a formidable opponent to the Obama machine.  It will be a relief listening to the ideas and policies that these two men will present to us and to the world.  Obama’s hokey hope and change type speeches will not work in this economy and his empty, bullying threats will appear juvenile.  Americans are ready to listen to solutions.  Both Romney and Ryan are big solution guys.  Let the debates begin!

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  1. Terry says:

    Wow, two grownups! I can now hope for change.

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