Chief Justice Roberts, by C. Headrick

Constitutional conservative Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the liberal court justices in upholding Obamacare as the law of the land.  He found the individual mandate to order people to buy health insurance unconstitutional and could have struck down the law on this basis alone.  But to uphold the law, he wrote that the federal government can impose a tax on those without health insurance.  He took it upon himself to change the mandate to a tax.  He felt that he had to placate the liberals.  The reputation of his court as being non-partisan was more important to him than the rule of law.  As chief, he ruled on the mindset of treating strangers (liberals) better than family members (conservatives.)   

Obama drummed up support for Obamacare on the basis that this was not a tax.  Watch the video of the Stephanopoulos interview where Obama laughs off the idea that this is a tax.  He knew it was and lied to the American people.  I wonder how Obamacare supporters will feel when they realize that this law is one big tax.  The poor will not be paying for their insurance.  That leaves anyone with an income paying more.  And now the government gets to butt into your doctor’s appointments and determine if you are worthy of the treatment that your doctor recommends.

Obamacare mandates greater insurance benefits while at the same time can deny insurers’ rate increases.  This completely obliterates the free market and will eventually turn the world’s greatest healthcare into socialized medicine.  Chief Justice Robert’s rule also turned Obamacare into the main issue of the November election.  No matter what names the Tea Party has been called – dead, terrorist, racist, homophobe – this is a faithful, grass roots party that likes freedom.  Freedom from Obamacare is its’ number one goal.

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2 Responses to Chief Justice Roberts, by C. Headrick

  1. CWK says:

    Mr. Roberts goes to Congress regularly to ask for pay increases for the Federal Judiciary. Will Judas Roberts have the guts to point to his good record as a basis for Congress to now give the salary increases?

  2. Terry says:

    Remember, Obama said that this was just a step towards single-payer, which he guesstimated would take about 10 years. Companies see that the penalty–oops, I mean tax–is pretty low the first couple of years, and thus cheaper than providing insurance to their workers, so they drop the coverage they now provide, leaving the employees stuck with a state exchange insurance coverage, which many states rightly refuse to start up. The federal government makes up its own exchange, with whatever Kathleen Sebelius decides it should cover and subsidizes a lot of it before it realizes, oops, this is too expensive. The private insurance companies get put out of business because they can’t afford to give away free things Obama has mandated–I mean taxed–them into providing, like birth control and abortion drugs. Who’s left? The government, which happily steps in and takes over everything related to your private health needs, by which time it realizes it has to raise taxes again and again in order to pay for it all. By now, there are no insurance companies, and they won’t be able to magically appear again to help out in any way. It really does make it absolutely imperative that we get Obama out of office as well as vote in enough Republicans in the House and the Senate to pass the Obamataxcare repeal. At least, now that it is just a tax, it will only need a majority, not a filibuster-proof majority.

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