The Bigger Picture of Obamacare, by Kithy

Here is the big picture: the government has taken over 1/6 of the economy.  The government dictates to insurance companies what they are to provide and how much money they need to spend.  And the government dictates to doctors how much they can earn and how many patients they can treat and how they can treat those patients. This is America!  The government doesn’t get to tell anyone how to run his company!  The government should not be running an entire industry!  The government should butt out of private enterprise!  The government does not have the ability to take into consideration all the ins and outs of running someone else’s privately owned business, much less everyone’s medical business.  This is about LIBERTY!  If I were a doctor, I’d quit now.  If I were a medical student, I’d quit school now, before running up additional student loans, knowing that the government will tell me how much I can make, and knowing that that amount will not be enough to pay my loans.  Hmmm, so if doctors will quit, who will take care of us?

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One Response to The Bigger Picture of Obamacare, by Kithy

  1. CWK says:

    When the government takes over direction of corporations or other business telling them how to conduct business that is fascism. It would be socialism if the government seized or owned the businesses and directed them how to conduct business. Obama medicine is fascism.

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