I’m Sick Now, by Kithy

Wow.  I have such a sick feeling in my stomach because of the Supreme Court’s ruling today on Obamacare.  I feel so sad for our lost liberties.   I could have been fined and then jailed when I failed to pay for health insurance in the recent past because I was laid off.  So, instead of being able to decide what was best for me- which was to pay for health insurance on my husband only and a discount plan for me and the kids, I would have had to spend all our grocery money- that is about all I had left, on health insurance.   So, at least when the kids started passing out from lack of food, a doctor could have charged me an arm and a leg to tell me to feed my kids.  He would have charged me, because the only insurance I could afford had a huge deductible that paid nothing for regular visits.  So, not only would I be forced to pay for insurance, it wouldn’t cover anything.  At least, had I saved money from not paying for insurance, I may have been able to afford an occasional doctor visit.  Can the government really be expected to take all of this into consideration when it’s choosing for me to pay for expensive insurance (there really isn’t any other choice- there aren’t any inexpensive policies for individuals/families)?  I know that not having insurance was a crapshoot, but for me the choice was how to spend a limited budget on the most important items.  I have six kids, I know that one of them could have had an accident.  But, they are kids and are generally healthy.  I hadn’t brought them to the doctor for anything but an occasional visit in the most recent years.  But, my husband has health issues.   Should I spend more on him, who is likely to use the coverage?  Should I spend so much on insurance for the whole family that we can’t afford groceries and his medicine?  Well, if Obamacare was already in place, I wouldn’t have been able to make that decision.  It would have been a fine and a jail cell.

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  1. Working American says:

    Are you saying that Obamacare would not have helped you when you would have been “targeted” to be “helped” by getting affordable insurance?? That’s not what the President says or Mrs. Pelosi. Something doesn’t smell right and I’ll bet it’s the later two.

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