The Obama Experiment, by C. Headrick

Obama is a test case of diversity and of propping up someone to such a level that he could only fail. The media and the democrat party are at fault for pushing Obama on the American people by not only failing to vet him, but by also suppressing information.  Now that the American people have experienced three and a half long years of Obama, we can proclaim that the Obama Experiment has failed. 

Those who have followed the news know what Obama is about and many more are soon to find out.  The books that have recently come out and books that are about to be released are devastating.  To misuse taxpayer funding to the extent that his administration has should be found and prosecuted as criminal.  He spent a trillion dollars of hard-earned taxpayer money that didn’t create any jobs while talking about the need to pay down our long-term debt.  Our economy is in worse shape than ever.  We’ve heard the hot mic with the Russian president.  Just how flexible will Obama be with our missile defense after his “last election”?  On another mic, Obama is chuckling with his buddies that there never were shovel-ready jobs.  The fact is that Obama lacks character and is a fraud and a liar.

The campaign season has just begun and it is painful to watch.  Obama continues to blame George Bush for the state of the economy.  He likes using the line of failed policies from the past.  True failed policies were followed by Jimmy Carter which led to long gas lines and mortgage rates in the teens.  Obama is going to be the poster president for following failed policies from the past.

America will survive this experiment but by the grace of God.  God has blessed us and will continue to do so.  Obama has been an extremely risky experiment with resonating effects.  Damage has been done and will take sterling experience and character from our next leader to begin repairs.  God bless America and God bless Romney.

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  1. Terry says:

    I think more in the MSM are realizing that their man is an empty suit. His retread economic speech in Ohio was panned. Even the kids in the community college audience didn’t clap when he paused for applause. Obama can’t change his policies because he would be admitting he was wrong, and his arrogance literally knows no bounds.

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