Could Obama Be a Communist? by C. Headrick

Obama’s past is fictionalized in his book Dreams From My Father.  Beyond that, most of his true past was (and is) hidden, including his college transcripts, birth certificate, writings, friendships, girlfriends, fellow students, relatives, co-workers and past work history.  There is only one good reason to hide Obama’s past.  And that is to hide what his future may hold. 

Obama’s past includes the communist Frank Marshall Davis who served as his mentor during childhood.  The high school years are a time of growth and finding one’s self-identity.  Obama grew up without a father and researchers have said that Frank was like a father to Obama.  What impact did Frank have on Obama’s life?  Conservatives are quite sure that the answer to this is a tremendous impact.  Some liberals deny that Obama has a communist bent.  Others I have spoken to reconcile that socialism is good and that spreading the wealth (communist-talk) is a good thing.

Obama’s chances of being re-elected are not looking very promising.  If Obama is a true communist and come November 6 is not re-elected, America will be in serious danger.  He will still have two months to sign away our sovereignty by way of treaties.  He will still have two months to further devalue the dollar.  He will continue to bypass Congress with business-killing regulations.  However, we must chance these two months to get rid of this probable communist who will destroy the American way of life.

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  1. Terry says:

    If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck….

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