What’s Wrong with Rich People? by C. Headrick

What’s wrong with rich people?  The only answer I can come up with is that I’m not one, yet.  I recently had a discussion with a woman who will not vote for Obama but did say that she agreed with him that some people are too rich.  The only rich that should be disparaged are those who made money by fraud, theft or other illegal means.  Other than that, you’ve bought into class envy. 

If you believe that people are too rich, you have to determine a specific number.  And for people that have passed this number in earnings, how would you ‘solve’ this problem?  If you tax a person’s earnings 100% past a certain dollar amount, where is the incentive to continue making the products or provide the services in demand?  Should government have the power to take over a business in order to ‘share the wealth’ with someone more needy?

Who is anyone to tell Donald Trump that he makes too much money?  Should he be forced to stop investing his own money and stop building another high-rise?  Do you stop Apple from producing iPhones & iPads that people continue to purchase?  Should Apple be forced to give away the products once the Apple executives make a certain amount of money?  Should companies be forced to pay higher wages to all its employees?  Who should determine the worth of each employee?  Do you think executives become non-entities once they earn a certain amount?

Big oil companies make a lot of money.  Should oil executives be told that they can only make so much?  How much should that be?  Because of oil executives, we have the freedom to drive cars and fly in airplanes to anywhere in the world.  Oil companies provide income avenues to scientists, engineers, equipment producers, operating crews, shipping, storage, transportation, refineries, lease owners, and so on.  How much should the chemical engineers, drilling operators, and the manufacturers of drilling equipment be allowed to earn?

The answer to all of these questions is either ‘no’ or that it is none of your business, unless you own the business.  America was built on capitalism and it is working extremely well.  The harder you work and the more marketable your skills are, the more money you will make.  No one in this world is poor because the rich are rich.  A great source of knowledge on how to get wealthy is  .  .  .  the rich.

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  1. Terry says:

    How is somebody having a lot of money supposed to be bad for me? I don’t have it because I haven’t done the work. My in-laws make a lot more, but they make it by working their hinies off and traveling three weeks out of four, neither of which I am willing to do at this time. Class envy is for people who want something for nothing.

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