My Crystal Ball, by Tbird

Well, Rick Santorum has just suspended his campaign for Republican candidate for President. I have a lot of respect for the man, the only one who really understands how important it is to get rid of Obamacare’s complicated, convoluted, unconstitutional government takeover of our health care. He hung in there longer than I really expected him to.

Gingrich and Paul don’t have a chance, so we are stuck with Mitt Romney, another RINO. That worked so well for us last time, didn’t it? The national Republicans have been pushing for him all this time and they just got their man. I just hope that running against a committed conservative during this primary season has sharpened Romney’s views and toughened up his timid approach to the issues. Let’s see whom he picks for his VP; that will tell us a lot.

My crystal ball says Romney will win in a landslide against Obama in November, as none of what Obama has done in his three plus years in office has been good for anybody who isn’t one of his big moneybags supporters.

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    Ok, Tbird, we will see if your crystal ball is cracked. Newt has a great chance to lock in conservative votes. Can’t wait ’til Tampa!

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