Obama Supporters by C. Headrick

Conservatives are not swayed into voting by a famous face.  However, Obama surely recruits celebrities to showcase his likability and to fund his campaign.  We conservatives need to let these celebrities know how WE feel by hitting them in their pocketbooks.  We may have to forego some nice eye-candy, some exciting films or a concert here or there.  It is time to let leftists know that we do not agree with them.  If they feel comfortable proclaiming how great Obama is or providing $40,000 a-plate fundraisers, we need to let them know how uncomfortable that makes us.

Star-studded list of celebrities for Obama:

George Clooney

Brad Pitt


De Niro

Chris Rock

Samuel Jackson

Ben Affleck

Matt Damon

Jennifer Aniston

Jonas Brothers


Scarlett Johansson

Will Ferrell

Tom Hanks

Gwyneth Paltrow

Eddie Murphy

Steven Spielberg

Black Eyed Peas

Kate Walsh

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  1. Ann says:

    Isn’t it funny how all these 1%ers love Obama?

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