So, Capitalism is a Failure? by Kithy

So, one of the candidates thinks Capitalism is a failure that has never worked and why would we keep trying it over and over, it’s insanity, etc, etc, etc. Doesn’t he know that the only reason the economy hasn’t totally collapsed despite his efforts is Capitalism is working? That despite his efforts to raise the price of the energy that runs our economy, we keep on ticking. The overregulation has slowed the economy, but it keeps going. The ridiculous efforts to run certain companies (GM) and entire industries (health insurance), individuals keep working. When the costs became too high in Russia, the entire economy failed and they had to let go of government run everything. Individuals had to stand up and take care of themselves. We are used to having the individual in charge, not government. That’s how we roll.

And another thing. The Supreme Court, by discarding a law that is against the constitution, is upholding the Constitution, which is their job. They are not being activists. The activists make new laws that have no basis in the Constitution. Will someone please tell him the difference?

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    This certain candidate got binocular views of North Korea and was surprised by what he saw. “It’s like you are in a time warp.” He saw firsthand that Stalinist North Korea can’t make “anything of any use to anybody” and that what they are doing doesn’t work. North Korea had been run as a Communist state under Kim il-sung and then as a military dictatorship under Kim Jong-il. Do you think this candidate would ever admit that the only way to prosperity is Capitalism?

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