Rush Was Wrong by C. Headrick

Sandra Fluke announced to the world that she’s having so much sex during law school that she needs us to pay for her contraception that runs over $3,000.  Rush called her out on her morals and called her a slut.  A slut is a female who has loose sexual morals or is sexually promiscuous.  Evidently the guys at Georgetown know that Sandra will open her legs for them at her expense.  At least this is what Sandra Fluke presented to the world when she testified before Congress.  Why then did Rush apologize?  Why did Rush take it back? 

Conservatives do not want our daughters and sons hearing Sandra discuss her sex life as though it is a perfectly acceptable lifestyle for a single lady.   What Rush accomplished by calling her a slut was to defend Conservatism.  Rush Limbaugh caved to the liberal fake disdain and phony PC talk.  Liberals are proud to be a part of this sexually free lifestyle.  A slut in their world is not a bad thing.  It goes hand in hand with promoting sexual mores, promoting contraception, and then promoting abortion.

I’m not so naïve to think that college students are keeping their legs closed with aspirin.  But to request that the taxpayers fund her choice of extracurricular activity is way out of line.   This is her time to learn that if you cannot afford it, you cut back.  You don’t go begging the taxpayer to fund your sex life through a mandate.  Free contraceptives are already available through Family Planning Program Title X.

Sandra made it a point that she is receiving financial aid for law school although doubtful that she is getting a full ride.  The tuition at Georgetown runs $30,000+ with room and board.  Was this supposed to drum up sympathy?   Most people would be thrilled to receive financial aid to cover college tuition.  She also claimed to work in the summer for extra expenses that wouldn’t even cover all the contraception she needs.  A summer job is a good thing.  Someone needs to follow Sandra around and find out how often she walks into Starbucks for her expensive lattes.  The sympathy level just might not be the same, especially considering that the average Georgetown law school graduate’s salary is $160,000.

The Sandra Flukes of the world could have come to realize that outside of her collegiate cocoon life, a large segment of the civilized world looks at sleeping around differently.  Obama told Sandra that her parents should be proud of her.  As a Conservatives parent, I would be ashamed if my daughter brazenly discussed her sex life and asked for us to pay for it.  Rush did not disparage her.  He called her out and brought in the absurd that if we are paying for it, why not get to watch.

All in all, the Sandra Fluke debacle is a political game based on lies and exaggeration to throw smoke and mirrors on government overreach. This mandate on the American people is being marketed as a women’s health issue.  When the government-mandated contraceptives fail, government-mandated abortions will follow.  This not only goes against the Catholic Church but it goes against the conscience of many Americans.  How dare you, President Obama.

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2 Responses to Rush Was Wrong by C. Headrick

  1. kithy says:

    of course you are right. I heard the comment yesterday of the next step. Everyone knows that contraceptives do not work all the time. So, when her government given contraceptives fail, is our government responsible for providing the abortion she will want/expect? How many people will be for this inevitable 2nd step?

  2. Grand poohbah says:

    She was not the typical female student. She supposedly was president of Students For Reproductive Justice, knowing Georgetown’s Catholic position yet wanting to make them forego their religous stance.

    I really need someone to explain to me why it is a good thing for the government to choose what prescriptions insurance must cover at zero copayment. Why wouldn’t we want the person taking medication that keeps them alive covered at zero copay? Why is it a good thing to cover birth control at zero copay when there are so many options out there and they are optional (ie, a woman doesn’t die if she doesn’t take her oral contraceptive).

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