Freebies vs. Freedom by C. Headrick

I know more than a few people who are giddy over all the freebies from Obama.  Now that the presidential campaign is shaping up, Obama is sending forth the gravy train with unimaginable freebies.  Even semi-reasonable people are salivating about the freebies that may come their way be it free healthcare or possibly a forgiven mortgage.  What happened to the saying that nothing in life is free?  The best way to describe what is happening to America is akin to a permanent parent/child relationship.

Children are dependent on the parents for home, food, cell phone, transportation, clean clothes, healthcare and every basic necessity to live.  The catch is that the children have to live by the rules of the parents.  As the children age, parents should demand that children take on responsibilities, whether it be to clean their own clothes, pay for their own entertainment or pay for an oil change.  In these healthy parent/child relationships, the children are rewarded with a payoff.  They become self-sufficient and get to live independently, making the best choices and decisions for themselves.  The parent/child relationship develops into an adult/adult relationship.

In unhealthy parent/child relationships, the parents continue to take on all the responsibilities and the children never learn basic skills.  Parents do this for various reasons.  It feels good to do things for our children and often is just easier to get things done faster.  Disciplining children takes a lot of time and effort.   This feel good result ends in being a disservice to children who never learn the value or means of independence.

Obama is the epitome of the nice parent who continues to provide for the children.  The scary part is that with government providing for you, the government can make demands of you as if you are a child.  It is more than indebtedness and it is definitely not out of love.  It results in the loss of control over our everyday freedoms that have been taken for granted.  The Obama administration tells us what is good for us and then follows with mandates.  The payoff for freebies is way too steep.  Children have to question, “Is all this really free?” and then leave Neverland behind.

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  1. kithy says:

    Yeah, O is buying votes! Wonder how much ballot stuffing he’ll be doing also.

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