Nun Sense Politics by S. Held

Discussing politics in an inquisitive, calm manner can be quite the eye opener.  I asked a Catholic nun the other day if the other nuns she knew voted predominantly Democrat or Republican.  She replied that they definitely vote Democrat.  I asked about the abortion issue and she stated that they thought the Democrats’ overall view on social justice was more important.  Really?!  I know people who are not religious who will vote for a candidate just because they are pro-abortion.  They don’t care about any of the other views that candidate may have.  And yet, here are some devout religious ladies who will overlook the killing of babies because their view is that the means justifies the end.

When I mentioned that Obama’s views on abortion were so extreme, she did state that some nuns will vote based on the man (the individual candidate).  She wouldn’t go so far as to state that some nuns vote Republican.  Those mean, rich Republicans couldn’t possibly ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ was my impression that they believed.

Everybody is entitled to their opinion.  I personally think the federal government’s most important job is national security and To protect and defend the Constitution.  I think the government should help the people in times of need to an extent.  I think it is much more important to have a country that allows opportunities and freedom for people to succeed in their endeavors, whether that’s becoming a successful businessman providing hundreds/thousands of jobs or a person devoting his/her life to their religion. I think it is much more important to teach a person to fish than to dole out fish at the taxpayers’ expense for life.  I think very few things in life should be free – how many times have you taken something because it was free but didn’t end up using it or even threw it away?  I believe social justice is something each person needs to participate in…from their heart and not because government decides which endeavors should be considered social justice and enforced as such.

Having said that, I believe in social security disability for those individuals who are physically and/or mentally unable to provide for themselves.  I believe in an America where people can make money and do with it what they want after paying realistic taxes.  (As Mitt Romney’s tax returns were released last night, I know some people will be ‘outraged’ that he had so much income.  Hey, he paid taxes on it and he gave roughly 16 percent of his income to charity.  If he was taxed at 100 percent, along with all the other super wealthy folk, it won’t get the US out of debt.  Spending is out of control!).  Lastly, I believe in Americans freedom to vote for whoever they believe in…however wrong they may be!

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  1. kithy says:

    oh yeah, and you can’t have any social justice if you don’t have your life. Duh.

  2. kithy says:

    That is nunsense! We need to re-educate them. They are supposed to be such great educators, but they have simply failed econ 101. Didn’t they listen to Newt, when he defended his position on giving young kids jobs? Republicans have the better social justice plan, work your way up. Don’t nuns realize that the big government social justice plan creates a lower class of people who get entrenched in their entitlements? Haven’t they noticed that they don’t get donations from poor people? There is a place for giving, and it should not be from the government.

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