Free Contraceptives by C. Headrick

Obama is giving everyone free contraceptives!  How progressive!  But, before we celebrate, why exactly are we paying for everyone’s contraceptives?  Free isn’t free.  We all know that.  Someone is paying and that someone is the American taxpayer.  I learned in marketing that it is all in the wording.  Try this one on.  Obama is forcing every business and American taxpayer to fund contraceptives for whoever wants them. 

I personally do not want to pay for my neighbor’s and stranger’s contraceptives.  The Catholic Church agrees.  They not only do not want to, but they condemn artificial contraception.  The Obama administration will not exempt Catholic churches or hospitals.  Catholic hospitals will also be required to perform abortions.  They would rather close their doors than be forced to do this.

When Conservatives talk about losing our liberties, this is a clear-cut case.  Your freedom whether to support something or not will be over if Obamacare is fully implemented.  We have been teased by some of the fru-fru. Young 26 year old adults can stay on their parents’ policy whether married or not.  Newt took a swipe at this by saying he would help 26 year olds get jobs so they can buy their own.

Obamacare will be the basis for full government control over our healthcare.  As an option, Obama promised that we can keep our own insurance.  When these insurance companies are forced to close due to paying for all the “free” stuff, we will not have this option.

In the future, when your loved one is told by a doctor that he or she requires surgery and it is not your decision but a bureaucrat’s, remember the 2012 election and how you voted.  A vote for Obama is a vote to take your liberty over your healthcare away from you.

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  1. Grand Poobah says:

    Amen! People who think how fabulous it is that Obama wants us to pay for everyone’s birth control are idiots!

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