Debates With Newt by C. Headrick

I like debates with Newt.  He says what I want to hear, no politically correct talk, no coddling the poor, no bowing to liberals, and no sugar-coating.  As candidate, he wants to debate Obama seven times – even allowing Obama to bring his teleprompter!

Obama would not agree to this so Newt already has plans to follow Obama on the campaign trail just as Lincoln did to Douglas.  Wherever Obama goes on his campaign speech, Newt will be right on his heels and refute Obama’s words directly to the TV cameras.

Obama will not win this next campaign on slogans and big, perfect teeth smiles.  Nope, Newt wants to challenge his record.  Maybe independents will listen this time and really hear the difference between a radical liberal and a conservative.  At Saturday’s debate, Newt expanded on hiring kids as janitors.  My liberal friends laughed earlier at this as hiring kids for hard labor.  With Newt, the facts come out.  A New York union janitor’s salary could employ 30+ kids with part-time jobs within a school – light janitorial, in the cafeteria, front office and library.  Newt had to remind Juan Williams that poor kids would like to make money.  This work isn’t demeaning.  It’s work that not only pays money but teaches a work ethic.

This Saturday is South Carolina’s primary.  If Mitt Romney wins and follows this with a win in Florida, Romney will be the Republican candidate.  Again, Newt is right.  If the conservative vote is split among Santorum, Perry and himself, it is a vote for Romney.  We need to continue hearing Newt.

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  1. Working American says:

    My first full time job at 14 was as a janitor at my local church and school during the summer. I made $2 per hour for 40 hours a week and loved it. It gave me the money to do the things I wanted. Boy, did I feel rich! I’ve never been afraid of work and I got a better job with better pay when I turned 16.

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