Conservatives on Conservation by Kithy

My friend argued that conservatives should not alienate the greenies, because regardless of our opinion on global warming, we should be accountable for the resources we are using.  Here’s the problem with that.

We already know that we are accountable and should take care of mother earth, but we don’t think we should have to tell you exactly what we are doing.  We are not keeping score, like the greenies.  According to greenies, we have to recycle our trash in recycle bins separately from our other litter.  We have to use water bottles.  Oops, that one changed.  We have to bring in processed food for our kids for birthdays at schools because of germs.  Etc.  Well, I’d rather pass clothes from one kid to the next until they are totally worn out.  I’d like to pass the clothes they don’t wear onto someone who will through Goodwill.  I’d like to serve leftovers. I like to garage sale.  I compost.  I use laundry lint as fire starter.

There are certain things that people have been doing forever that are foreign to greenies and don’t count in the greenie scorekeeper’s guide, but are far more green than what the greenies suggest.  How is having several trucks going through my neighborhood (one for regular trash, one for recyclables) and all the gasoline and emissions involved supposed to be green?  Not to mention the effort it takes to separate trash and clean it and then send it somewhere where it will pile up as mountains of trash instead of fill a landfill?

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  1. Grand Poobah says:

    That’s the problem with labels. Non-conservatives and non-tea party supporters view conservatives and tea party people as anti conservation. I would go so far as to say that some liberals truly believe conservatives relish wasting natural resources just because they can…and thus we need regulation because of those horrible conservatives! Can’t all people just be reasonable and stop judging everybody. If you’re drinking from a plastic water bottle, I won’t go hyper on you because you may have filled it 10X already with tap water and carry it around for convenience. And if I drive a big SUV which sometimes carries 8 people, leave me alone. You stay out of my business and I’ll stay out of yours

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