We Are All Equal by C. Headrick

My sister congratulated her son on getting an ‘A’ on his project which was detailed and well thought out.  His response was simply, “We all got A’s because we are all equal.”  Really?  Did every student put in the time and effort to receive an ‘A?’  This is the beginning of what we call socializing our children.  They learn early that no one is better than anyone else and that we are all equal.

Let us compare this to Communism.  Yep, it fits right in.  Everyone and every job should receive the same pay because no one deserves more than anyone else.  In Communism, everyone works for the collective good.  You are not working for yourself but you work for others, also called slavery.  How hard are you going to work if your work is not rewarded?  If you work hard, you still do not deserve anything more than the next guy.  If you did, you would not all remain equal.  Workers unite for equality!  While the government promotes equality to the workers, the people at the top hierarchy of the government are not going to let go of their power or adhere to the principles of Communism for themselves.  They have and always will try to get as much for themselves as possible.  Could this possibly be called Greed?

In a Communist country, the government owns everything.  It is the government that determines who has the greater need.  The government decides what you get in life.  This includes housing, education, jobs, news and your medical care.  Individual property rights do not exist.  The individual does not exist.  You no longer have individual rights, the simple rights such as when you want to see a doctor or where you want to live.    The opposite of Communism is a country where individuals have economic freedom to control their own destiny.  People get to work for their self-interest.  If they are lucky, they do it for a profit.  Imagine that, a country where your hard work is valued and rewarded.  This is called Capitalism.  It is a country where children should be taught that ‘A’ work earns an ‘A.’  ‘F’ work earns an ‘F.’

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  1. Grand Poobah says:

    When everybody’s a winner and an A student, you end up with a bunch of kids who will never grow up to be responsible adults. They know they’re special and deserving but will have no idea of how to attain their goals that they so deserve…oh wait, could that be the Occupy Wall Street crowd?

  2. kathyto says:


    • Ann Hughes says:

      That’s why so many youth and young adults think they are owed everything! They are indoctrinated with ‘we are equal’ from the very beginning.

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