Get Rid of Dodd-Frank by Kithy

I read an article today about Verizon trying to charge customers $2 for every online or telephone payment, but no fee for e-checks.  E-checks are cheaper because Dodd-Frank does not apply to “e-checks”.  Dodd-Frank applies to atm and debit fees.  I didn’t even know what an e-check was,  but yesterday I filed my property tax online and I would have had to pay $5.75 to use my debit card, or $2.75 for an e-check. Technically, there is very little difference between an e-check and a debit card, but I have to give out my bank account # for an e-check. I’d rather use my debit card, but I was not happy about the higher fee.   Apparently, the technical difference is enough to make it not an ATM or a debit that is regulated.  Thanks, Congress for making payments inconvenient! Should we just go back to cash, and carry around sacks of change? Here’s the deal. Congress passed Dodd-Frank, and in their great wisdom threw in some regulations on atm/debit card fees, to rescue we the people from greedy banks. I would think this is unconstitutional, because Congress does not have the right to dictate to any business how much it can charge for any item or service. If they have that right, they shouldn’t have it. That is central planning, and our government is not supposed to be a central planning unit. We have the free market to decide what is the right price to pay. Banks were making a ton of money on fees, and someone (Obama) saw the dollar signs, and turned green with envy, and made sure he could take their GREEDY PROFIT away from them. Well, in general, if someone’s making a lot of money (think Bill Gates), it’s because he’s providing something that people are willing to pay for. Banks provided us with a convenient way to pay, and we were willing to pay it. With so many banks competing for our debit fees, we had a pretty good thing going. The fees were lower than they are now- $1.25 vs $5.75. We were able to pull out a card, pay for something and be on our happy ways. Now, we cannot pull out these cards, because they are not profitable. The banks have found a way to get around the new fees, obviously, by making us use e-checks. Throw away your debit cards and pull out your checkbooks again. When the e-checks get regulated, throw away your checkbook, because we are headed back to cash! Help! Save me from Congress! Get rid of the liberals and get rid of DoddFrank!



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  1. Working American says:

    What I really like is the new Consumer Protection Czar-I was protected when the government passed the consumer protection act and look to this leading to more protection. When that act passed, the banks almost immediately increased the interest rates on my credit cards and lowered the limits. Thanks for ‘protecting’ me from myself. I can now pay more and not use the cards as I wish, even though they were always paid on time.

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