Is “Party of NO” Supposed to be an Insult? by Kithy

I am proud to be a part of the party of no.  I do not see it as an insult.  I am proud to say no to the health insurance debacle now taking place due to Obamacare.

I am proud to say no to a 2 month fix from Congress.  What’s that about?  How on earth can Congress take so long to make a decision that covers such a short time frame.  It reminds me of my daughter whining for hours and then taking 10 minutes to do the chore she’s been whining about.  I say no to expanding abortions.  I say no to the Frank Dodd financial fiasco (I think they called it reform).  I say no to the socialization of the United States.  I say no to spending money the United States does not have and raising our debt another five trillion.

What disturbs me are the judges who say no to a guaranteed Constitutional right to free speech when it refers to Christianity, specifically telling Congressmen not to say Merry Christmas in emails.  No blaming this on Conservative judges or the Tea Party.  Democrats also say no to long term solutions and no to interstate insurance competition. It was Obama who said no to Canadian oil and the jobs that go with the pipeline.  Both parties have earned the name ‘Party of NO.’  It is not an insult to me.  Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas.

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  1. Grand Poobah says:

    Dems and Republicans have got to figure out how inefficient and stupid they work. What is the point of the 8 week payroll tax deal? When they get back to Washington after the holidays, they’ll have to sit down and spend more time on it instead of dealing with it effectively the first go round. It’s either a worthwhile deal or it isn’t.

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