Born in the USA by S. Held

I’m so glad I was born in the United States.  I’m still enjoying my day from yesterday.  I went to the Old Cathedral in downtown St. Louis for mass (it was a Holy Day of obligation for Catholics).  The church was built in the 1830s and is just a really pretty church down on the riverfront.  Now I realize that how a church looks is not important (the people make up a church) but it just really hit me how beautiful the Old Cathedral is and how beautiful the United States is.  I had dozens of choices for mass yesterday (yes, St. Louis is a pretty Catholic town), but there are tons of different churches/religions around St. Louis and throughout the United States.  I can’t imagine living in a country where one risks his/her life to practice one’s religion.  So, especially with Christmas headed our way, enjoy your freedom of religion.  For any atheists out there, you might want to visit some churches just for the history, architecture, etc.  And if you start believing in God, that’s a bonus for you!

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  1. Barrel says:

    My kids’ jr. high band and chorus performed their Christmas concerts and they sounded amazing. I was so proud to watch the students sing and play their instruments. It is fascinating to observe how much care and dedication the instructors & students have. Today was one of those special days for me that I wish everyone can experience.

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