I Deem Obama Fired by C. Headrick

Enough voters were persuaded by Obama’s smile, his smooth teleprompter reading and his slogan of hope and change.  These were the same voters who listened to liberals for close to eight years telling them how awful George Bush was.  Sure enough, when asked why they voted for Obama, they regurgitated how awful George Bush was.  I have had enough of the Obama administration.  Although Obama deserves to be impeached on the basis of Fast and Furious alone, I’m more concerned with how terrible a job Obama is doing day-to-day.  I would like to plain fire him right now. 

Everyday something more awful is reported than the day before.  With Obama facing a possible one term, I think more and more outright thievery will be occurring.  Doling out so-called stimulus money (our tax money) to his friends is thievery.  Obama has been using this stimulus money as his personal slush fund and still has billions to give away.

I’ve heard my friends say that they liked his ‘Green’ ideas.  What Obama has done and continues to do is borrow money that the United States does not have to fund his ‘green’ pet projects.  These are terrible investments that individuals refuse to invest with their own money.  However, his top donor bundler George Kaiser and Al Gore each received over half a billion taxpayer dollars to do just that.  This list goes on and on.  We taxpayers now owe on borrowed money that was basically thrown away.

A one word reason to fire Obama is Volt.  GM was bankrupt but Obama wanted it, bought it with $50 billion taxpayer dollars, and now we the taxpayers are subsidizing a loser car.  We are paying to build a $41,000 priced car that has a $10,000 battery, goes about 35 miles on a charge and needs premium fuel to continue.  Of the 6,000 Volts sold with taxpayers funding the $7,500 tax credit per car, hundreds were purchased as fleets for government agencies.  We pay again and have a 2012 goal of producing 50,000 more!  The absolute worst is that the batteries catch fire after crash tests so GM (speaking for ‘we the taxpayers’) has offered to buy back all 6,000 Volts.  To put us at ease, they claim that they will be repaired once they figure out what causes the fires.

Obama should also be fired just on the fact that he claimed to stand with the Occupiers, more recently labeled the Occupoopers.  Their little encampments are being de-occupied and sanitation workers are coming in and sweeping away the excrement.  Ugggh.  At least the sanitation workers have a job to do and will receive paychecks for it.   Imagine these Occupoopers’ next move, interviewing for entry-level jobs.  How can they justify dissing big, evil corporations for months?  They didn’t even leave the parks green.

American citizens are Obama’s bosses.  As one of his bosses, I deem him fired.

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  1. barrel says:

    So, we are paying to produce the Volts, then paying to purchase them for the government, and then paying again to buy them back because they are so awful. Not liking this.

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