What’s the Next McDonalds’ Toy Going to Be? by C. Headrick

The government wants McDonalds to stop selling Happy Meals because the toy makes kids fat.  Weird since the kids can’t eat the toy.  Nonetheless, San Francisco passed the Healthy Meal Incentive Ordinance which bans toys with fast food meals effective December 1, 2011.  McDonalds wants to continue selling their popular Happy Meals with toys.  To do this legally, they will offer the toy for 10 cents only with the purchase of the now toy-less Happy Meal.  I love corporations and how they think.

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3 Responses to What’s the Next McDonalds’ Toy Going to Be? by C. Headrick

  1. kithy says:

    I believe that we need to limit the length of pages of a law that Congress is allowed to pass to be no longer than the Constitution, which runs our entire country. I believe that the more pages written, the more invasive it is. I believe that too many pages means that it is too complicated to comprehend and therefore execute. A bill that is too long is too controlling- indicative of a government controlled central planning policy. After the 2000+ pages laws passed in recent years, there is a need for this. Of course, after seeing what happened with Mcdonalds 10cent toys, I’m not sure this can actually be effectively legislated. Maybe we just need to promote the idea of shorter laws, without legislating them. Let your voice be heard.

  2. Grand Poobah says:

    When really stupid rules/laws are made, it is only fitting that a simple, smart solution is created!

  3. TBird says:

    Not only that, McDonald’s is donating the proceeds to their Ronald McDonald House charity, which provides temporary housing for people whose children are in hospitals.

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