Trumped Up Charges on Our President

Sane people see right through the leftist media who keeps hammering, keeps hammering & keeps hammering to end Trump’s presidency. The gleeful looks and hysterics when they think they have finally nailed something against Trump are outrageous. The trumped up charges of treason are actually covering up other treasonous acts. Trump is smart and not anything close to the stupid dolt the media depicts him. These trumped up charges will not hold for long. The truth has a way of coming forward. We conservatives are waiting for the day that the criminal acts of Hillary, Obama, Lynch and their deplorable cohorts are proven beyond a reasonable doubt and result in prison time – no more half-ass investigations resulting in nothing.

These true deplorables are trying to impeach Trump before the truth comes out. I believe that the crimes they have committed while they were in power and to stay in power are beyond reprehensible. A Hillary presidency would have all but guaranteed that their secrets remain safely hidden. Trump destroyed this guarantee while also impeding the progressive march to an all powerful government over its citizens. Impede it is but not a complete end to their agenda. In the middle of the night in protective gear, New Orleans Mayor Landrieu is dismantling Southern heritage and history. These communists behind the progressive and liberal labels have taken command of the democrat party and are deliberately destroying our country and everything that has made it great.

Trump supporters are counting on Trump to fight this evil with every breath he takes. When younger relatives claim that socialism is fine, I want to slap them in the face and, like Cher in Moonstruck, yell at them to snap out of it. We need Trump to fight. MAGA.

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