Collective Bargaining with Government Unions by C. Headrick

We the taxpayers have been left out of the collective bargaining with our government workers and I think it’s time we take part.

Union Rep:  We want raises.  We want gold-plated benefits and we do not want to pay very much for them.  We want to be paid for life.  We also want to keep our health insurance for life and, redundant here, but we don’t want to pay very much for them.  Also, management would like large, one time pay-outs upon retiring.  And, duh, we still want to collect pensions for life.  Base our pensions on the last year’s salary, which may or may not include a large last year bonus and unused sick and vacation pay.

Taxpayer:  You have got to be kidding.

Union Rep:  You will pay up because you care about police, firemen, teachers and the rest of us.

Taxpayer:  I do care, but I work for a paycheck all my life and no company will continue paying me for the rest of my life when I retire.  Why do you think all of us taxpayers want to pay you for life?  You sure have a lot of nerve.  You should save your money from your paycheck like the rest of us do in 401Ks or mutual funds.

Union Rep:  Well, we’ll just tell everyone that you want to cut services in your community.

Taxpayer:  We are the community and we won’t fall for that line anymore.

The actual collective bargaining with public union reps is through our elected representatives.  Union campaign contributions helped elect these representatives.  We are talking campaign donations of:  $85 million in 2008 by SEIU (Service Employees International Union), $96 million in 2008 by NEA (Natl. Education Assn.) and AFT (American Federation of Teachers) and $87.5 million in 2010 by AFSCME (Amer. Fed. of State, County & Municipal Employees).   These millions come from union member dues which are automatically deducted from their paychecks.  Every single government worker’s check is paid courtesy of the taxpayers.

We the taxpayers are funding this scam against ourselves.

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One Response to Collective Bargaining with Government Unions by C. Headrick

  1. Grand Poobah says:

    Pretty simple scenario of how government union collective bargaining is a scam against the taxpayers… If you are a government union worker, of course you would want the guaranteed health insurance, pension, etc. (as we all would) but you have to be realistic and see that it is not feasible. One cannot work twenty years and receive these gold-plated benefits – people are receiving these benefits for 40+ years. Do the math!

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