Good riddance, Obamacare.

This past Fall, my Obamacare HMO  health plan required permission from my primary care physician to grant me approval to visit two specialists. HMO is the dreaded health plan that treats everyone like a child and has been around for too long. But if you get subsidies for healthcare, the HMO was my only option. I got the approval. My doctor’s office contacted the specialists. I got calls from them and when they found out my plan, they both refused my insurance. I really wanted to visit these local doctors and I asked if I could pay cash. Surprising to me, both said, “No.” I assume this is because the law requires us to have insurance and the doctors can only see patients that have insurance. The faster this asinine law dies, the better.

The vote on the first of three phases for changing the healthcare law was postponed, blocked by the conservative contingency. The word is that the new plan is Obamacare-lite with the government’s hand central to the law. Prior to Obamacare, it was legal to google health insurance, pick a website and purchase health insurance through the website. Due to American ingenuity, there were true marketplace websites that compared companies and prices. I had a major medical policy for my two children and me for $150/month. Obamacare made all this illegal. Everyone who did not receive insurance from their employer or could not pay full price for health insurance had to go through the government website to receive subsidies. My policy for a family of four is $1,476/month without subsidies, about $1,000 less with subsidies. The cost is actually more with the thousands of dollars in deductibles.

The vote may or may not happen today March 24, 2017, to change the law. We wait patiently for the death of Obamacare either by the Republican’s plan or by its own death spiral. How mad we will be if we cannot call up a specialist doctor and make an appointment.

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