The War on Trump

One can almost feel pity for the progressive left whose dream of a socialist USA is disappearing with every Trump executive order. Despite the lefts’ best efforts, the USA is still made up of citizens who know the meaning of freedom and independence and also know how socialism would kill both. This is no exaggeration as I am sure Bernie fans remain 100% clueless; it is mindless to even try to educate them. However, the evil progressives are trying to make a stand with a war on Trump and Trump must win.

The election of Trump meant that Obama failed at his transformation. Obama’s success depended on Hillary to finish it off. The progressives are mad as hell that Trump could come in and take that all away from them. The left is trying to bear down on the phony Russian voting fraud story. The next accusation by the left should be greeted by announcing the investigations on the Clinton Foundation, voter fraud, and the many miss-dealings of Obama. The citizens deserve to know what Obama did these past eight years with an accounting. What was so important that caused an extra $10 trillion in debt to the USA? Progressives should be the ones on defense, not the other way around. Daily announcements on the regulation roll-backs, the dismantling of Obama executive orders and the advancement of conservative ideals would remind progressives that they continue to lose.

The media such as FoxNews and its reporters continue to react to the left’s fake news. FoxNews could be directing the news and ignoring the false accusations of the left. Why is it that we have to hear Al Franken accuse Sessions of anything without evidence? It’s mind-numbing that FoxNews fans are going to turn it off. Trump and his administration have all the means to direct the news. Keep telling us what you are doing, how you are doing it, what needs to be done, and why it needs to be done. The citizens who elected Trump trust him wholeheartedly. There is no reason the left determines the discussion of the day. The left lost the election and should be treated as such.

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