What the Hell Was the Women’s March Really About?

Many social media discussions and articles have been trying to get to the bottom of this so-called march. Trump had been president maybe 24 hours and marches occurred across the United States for what reason? A long social media debate came down to equality and, not kidding, one of the issues was that women’s dry cleaning costs more than men’s. To which I inquired, “What was the percentage of women who marched because their designer silk blouses cost more at the cleaners than a man’s standard cotton shirt?”

An interesting take by American Thinker’s Doris O’Brien’s article “Progressives’ post-election guilt therapy” is that liberal women feel guilty for not getting Hillary elected. This is likely true for the Bernie supporters who didn’t vote, but this guilt has turned into a Trump hate-fest. The garb of the march was a square hat that was supposed to look like pussy cat’s ears in reference to Trump’s man-to-man discussion on women. Oooo, they really got him this time. Actually, the hats just really looked dumb and Trump is president. If the point of the pussy hat and a major reason for the march was to hate on Trump for treating women badly, why no hatred for Hillary who took on the job to denigrate the women abused by her husband Bill Clinton? The truth of the matter is that liberals truly hate the opposition and Hypocrite is thy name.

The fall-out from the march came from the marchers with their vulgar signs and costumes and Hollywood elite speakers who disgraced themselves and their liberal cause. Trump supporters were and will always be extremely loyal to Trump; he has saved them from an Obama third-term via Hillary. These women marchers unknowingly strengthened conservatives’ resolve to never let these people in charge again. It is conceivable that not one person in the United States was proud of this display and persuaded to join the likes of them. Good luck, democrats. You reap what you sow. With eight years of Obama’s lessons in divisiveness, these women learned really well. Your constituents’ anger and hate is in stark contrast to conservatives’ optimism and love.

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