Trump, the Only Man Who Couldn’t Be Beaten

The long-awaited, glorious moment arrived as President-elect Trump put his hand on the Bible and recited the presidential oath. The relief that the Obama era concluded with America standing is indescribable.  The fear that the middle class with its conservative values would be wiped away from a Hillary presidency was very real. For eight years, the United States has been run by an Orwellian administration with lies so big and ridiculous. Names given to bills were outright opposite of what the bills did, such as Affordable Care Act and Stimulus. The socialist agenda of government control was incrementally erasing our freedoms. Liberal supporters including the media never blinked an eye. The irony of the media support with fake poll numbers and false narratives of a Hillary presidency landslide aided in a Trump win. And now the fawning media have to deal with Obama’s antithesis in Trump. God willing, political correctness will become a distant memory.

A few days into the presidency of Trump feels like a new era in America has taken hold. The nasty women can march all they want dressed up as vaginas but they have been marginalized by the citizens who voted for Trump. Black Lives Matter is on notice that police lives do matter and that rioting can now lead to ten years in jail. Free rides of setting fires and vandalizing property in the name of racism will be no longer be tolerated.

A lesser man than Trump could not have pushed through the onslaught as he did and survive. The anarchists who want the United States destroyed from the inside out are real and come in all types of forms, mostly funded by the evil Soros. The most unfortunate are the women who marched in the name of equality; they are the clueless puppets of evil yet think they serve a noble cause. They may one day understand that Trump rose out of Obama’s liberal mess to save their sorry asses.

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