The Adults Are Back In Charge

Obama faded with his fifty minute farewell address last night followed by Trump’s press conference in the morning in which he shined. The end of the Obama years are so close. Obama boasted about the power of his pen rather than working with Congress and focusing on relationship-building. A nasty memory of Obama meeting with congressional leaders pretty much sealed his fate. Our elected official spoke up and Obama responded with, “I won.” Much of his agenda will be simply reversed with Trump’s pen. Obama never seemed to understand that the office of the president did not come with dictatorial powers. As the Trump administration is about to begin, the children are packing up and moving out with their victim-pushing, race-baiting, Political Correct, and overall amateurish  agendas. The adults are back and the United States can rest assured that our country will have the best and brightest in charge of our future.

The left has been bombarding us these past eight years with hypocritical sayings which were often blatant lies. The latest, and to be sure Obama’s administration is behind it, is the Fake News. He and his media brainstormed to come up with the Fake News meme on why Trump got elected. Trump and the electorate checkmated Obama this time having already pinned the real fake news on Obama and his media. Obama has been successful for eight years claiming one thing but meaning another. He must think that this strategy will continue working for him but he is wrong. The jig is up. Obama and his administration have relied on these childish tactics – use of celebrities, repeat lies, refute lies when the time comes, make up stories, and move on to the next disaster. If Americans wanted this to continue, Hillary would be president. Americans are sick of the Obama administration lies, not to mention its treasonous policies and agendas – that’s taken for granted.

Trump has already brought his knowledge of the business world to the benefit of manufacturing jobs back in the USA. His cabinet will be filled with excellent generals, businessmen and women, trusted politicians, brilliant minds and experts in their fields. The name of the game starting January 20 is the rule of law and constitutional rights – a huge change from the whims of liberal ideologues focusing on which sector to decimate at the moment.

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