If Journalists Reported the News, They Wouldn’t Be Surprised about Trump

America has gloriously been delivered the gift of Trump to stop the liberal progressive assault. The leftist media has been reporting democrat talking points for decades as the news and apparently ignored the real world news. Unfortunately for Hillary, the news that did get through was Obama claiming (threatening to the majority) that his policies were on the ballot.

Falling behind in my newspaper reading, I glanced over the headlines for the week prior to Trump’s victory. I found absolutely nothing on why to vote for Hillary. The headlines ran from “Hillary has a 98 percent chance of winning” to “How will Trump supporters handle his loss” to “What does Trump do after the election.” America, due to her freedoms, has the free internet where blogs, social media, Twitter and videos showed a completely opposing story of the election. Compared to the internet, the reporting from the “real” mainstream media reads more like satire.

A post-election article being shared on social media reports that Trump supporters are regretful of their votes. This is so far from the truth, it continues to read like satire. There is palpable excitement in any leak of Trump’s cabinet. So many qualified, reputable, experienced people are being vetted. The socialist PC’ers have no more say; the adults are back and it feels like divine intervention. Hillary’s cabinet would have been picked by going through the Clinton Foundation donor log. Nightmare.

Mainstream media and liberal education policies have nearly destroyed parts of the younger generations. Millenial snowflakes believed every word of the mainstream and are having meltdowns. The uneducated are taking the Soros-funded, rioting protest jobs. Meanwhile, businessman President-Elect Trump is making promises on bringing jobs back to America. How hopeful is that, little snowflakes and rioters? When you make more money, you can give more to charities. Government was not made to bleed dry the workers to give to the non-workers. People revolt to that and win elections. Journalists should be reporting that the nation’s peaceful revolt is over. Trump is the next president of the United States.

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