Words of Walter Scott from 1808 Describe this Election

This presidential election season comes down to electoral college votes Tuesday night. The United States will have elected a successful businessman or a lifelong, crooked female politician. The momentum is with Trump after H has practically been coronated while picking out Oval Office drapes.

H already played the typical destroy republican cards that worked on Romney – doesn’t pay taxes and hates women. Trump still stands surrounded by pumped up crowds. H’s VP pick draws maybe 30 to an event. H isn’t doing much better. She has tried to duplicate O’s exact wording about closing down the coal mines; he is applauded and she is disparaged. She has tried the tax the 1% and fairness for everyone as O did; no one believes her. It’s quite surprising to her that it just isn’t working this time around; O had it so easy.

Julian Assange via WikiLeaks and James O’Keefe via hidden videos have been exposing the truth on democrats for which Americans are forever grateful, and yet the perverted husband of H’s confidant Huma may ultimately bring her down. Of course, it is Huma’s fault for using her home computer for classified State Department business, but the emails were only found because her squirrely husband is being investigated.

The best words to depict this election were written in 1808 by Walter Scott. “Oh, what a tangled web we weave . . . when first we practice to deceive.” H is guilty of lies, deception and much worse, as well as the democrat machine – the political elite, Main Street media, the crony capitalists, the foreign donors, Wall Street, Big Banks and other low-level political hacks. Thank you Julian Assange and James O’Keefe.  This election is our chance to rid the world of  H’s corrupt influence that has been going on for far too long. Go, Trump, and make America great again.

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