#1 Reason Americans Plan to Vote for Hillary

The #1 reason Americans plan to vote for Hillary: The plain and simple truth is their ignorance. Pop culture and a liberal media have guided these sheep into believing and supporting the indefensible. It truly is a shame when the ignorant have no clue that they are ignorant. Hillary supports the following:

  1. Obamacare architect Gruber – on video – calls you too stupid to understand simple economics & that Obamacare would have never passed if Americans knew this was just a huge tax.
  2. Planned Parenthood, top abortion provider in the world, is caught selling baby body parts for profit. In a civilized world, it would have been closed down immediately.
  3. As Muslims commit terrorist acts one after the other, democrat politicians ask you to look the other way. Hillary runs on bringing millions more to America and is on video calling for open borders.
  4. The Clinton Foundation is built on millions of dollars funded by the Mid-East.
  5. Democrats have encouraged Black Lives Matter built on thugs – also named innocent black youth – being killed by police to ensue race riots.
  6. Democrats support public teacher unions to the point of closing charter schools proven to be beneficial to the education of minorities and push poor curricula.

The ignorant are like sheep. They say nothing and continue to support smooth-talking politicians. The architect of Obamacare calls you stupid? You find out in America people are selling baby body parts? Unvetted Muslims are coming to America and committing terrorist acts? Your presidential candidate is indebted to Mid-Eastern countries? Blacks are killing our police because they have a grievance? Successful charter schools are closed? Americans supporting democrats are complicitly supporting the above.

Questioning any of the six above results in the same answer: money for politicians & their friends. Period. Everyday Americans are hurt by these policies, and badly. Hillary supporters should ask themselves why on earth am I listening to her spew her garbage when all we get out of it is garbage. No matter how many times she states that she is for children, for women, for minorities, blah, blah, blah, question the six above and ask yourself if this woman who defends the above deserves your vote as President of the United States. Money is power and this woman will be dangerous with power.

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