The Elite Still Think We Care What They Think

Trump will win the presidency. This will be despite everything thrown against the wall at Trump: media-backing of H, elite republican politicians trashing Trump, Trump’s locker room talk videos, non-issues such at the O’s birth certificate, Trump’s taxes & sure more to come before November 8. Even fraudulent voting will not topple Trump.

Trump is the end of liberal progressivism in America. Trump will bring the end of political correctness, the end of political elite power, the end of sending our tax dollars as thanks to donors, end of faux racism and police hatred, end of LGBTQ in our faces, end of government positions going to donors and friends, and finally, the end of the Clinton machine. Trump will bring business sense to the national budget, tax reform and regulations. He will surround himself with quality leadership bringing strength to our military and competence to government entities such as EPA, IRS, and Homeland Security. Our Justice Department and Supreme Court will follow the law and our constitution. When the economy recorrects from zero percent interest rate, Americans can feel some sort of relief that a successful, competent businessman is in charge.

Americans are no longer allowing the powerful media and political elite to determine our future. The ones left behind will be those who continue coddling progressive values such as denigrating whites as privileged, actively promoting welfare as a way of life, promoting victim-hood to minorities as a right to destroy communities, teaching feelings over knowledge, and trying to convince Americans that Islamic terrorism isn’t a problem. We want America back strong and sane. We want our patriotism to shine. We want to feel safe. We want our children to know the America we know. With Trump, Americans will know that the United States is run by a president who has their best interests at heart.

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