A Smug, Lying, Power-hungry, Indebted Woman Wants to Be President

Trump is hugely correct on this point: Without the media behind H, she would not have a chance of being near the White House. The truth on this woman is frightening. It should be laughable that she is this close to the presidency. But, this is liberal progressive media-backing of a deplorable candidate as a thoughtful, caring grandmother politician. Smart thinking Americans must ask themselves – Why the hell would we want to put this smug, lying, power-hungry, indebted woman to her powerful crony friends and foreign countries in charge of our lives? November 8th is the time to show the political elite and media where they can stick it.

H will continue Obama’s legacy of lining donor friends’ pockets at our expense. This scam should be punishable by jail. We don’t need another super-indebted president handing out taxpayer money to her friends via cooperation of her justice department. In addition to the money, H is far from being a friend of the American public. She will continue to promote anti-American security laws and regulations. Americans deserve better than open immigration and a blind eye to Islamic terrorism.

Americans know why the political elites and the media want and need H. It is all about the corrupt power that they are used to and like very much. Trump is our chance to break up this powerhouse of corrupt politicians and media. Period. We have had enough and want true leadership that is of the people, for the people, by the people. One necessary leadership quality of successful people is that they surround themselves with the best. Successful businessman Trump has a history of assigning the best and brightest to necessary positions. We already know who H will surround herself with – her biggest donors who paid to play. The United States does deserve better than this corrupt woman, right?

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