The Deplorable Democrats

We all know who the deplorable one is when a political party candidate considers a quarter to half of the U.S. population as deplorable. This presidential candidate should have no right to be in contention to lead our nation after rattling off the opposing party’s supporters of being every derogatory comment on the tip of her tongue – racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic and “you name it”. For you deplorables who don’t realize what you are, xenophobic means the fear of people from other countries.

I for one am sick of hearing her name and having the news revolve around her. Her name has been shoved in our faces for over two decades as the smartest woman in the world. But hell, she did leave the White House dead broke and convinced people to support her non-profit to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Secretary of State Kerry must have thought she was clever; he funneled around $10 million in tax dollars to his own daughter’s non-profit. These smart democrats are downright deplorable and need to be kicked out on their asses. Unfortunately for Hillary, she may be taken out on a stretcher. This candidate is so power hungry for the ultimate position of leading the United States that she continues to trot her sick self out in public pretending to be presidential material. It is not only deplorable, it is downright selfish. It would be refreshing for democrat supporters to turn against this candidate and send her into retirement for the good of the nation.

Recap of her accomplishments:

  • Carpetbagging New York elections riding her husband’s coattails to position of Senator
  • The red button for Russian relations with the word Reset which translated to Overcharge
  • Being Secretary of State – leaving the Mideast in flames & migrants invading European countries
  • Claimed T. Kennedy’s children’s CHIP program as her own
  • Claimed to work for vets as all politicians claim
  • Women’s rights which boils down to funding the top abortion provider who sells baby body parts with hundreds of millions in tax dollars that are funneled back to democrat candidates
  • Supports gay marriage/LBGT while accepting millions in support from countries that stone gays/LBGT’s to death
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