Trump is Being Carrie Underwooded

Carrie Underwood won a singing show, became the darling of country music and miffed the seasoned veterans who had put in their time in the biz. Trump is being Carrie Underwooded by the political elite. He came into a new arena without putting his time into the system and jumped ahead to the ultimate prize of presidential candidate. This wasn’t supposed to happen to an outsider.

The voters chose Trump by the millions precisely because he was not the system. He’s a self-made businessman who sees the danger that progressives such as Obama and Hillary have wrought on the United States. Why on earth are our kids being taught to hate the United States? Why on earth are blacks torching cities hating on police? Why on earth are men now welcome in girls’ bathrooms? Why on earth are Muslims and their Sharia laws besting our Constitution? Why on earth are all the government agencies under Obama performing disgracefully and illegally – the VA, EPA, IRS, HUD, Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Defense, Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection? Perhaps the citizens have finally had enough corruption, cronyism and progressivism and have hope that a successful businessman can clean it up. In other words, we want Trump to lead America in making it great again.

The media and political elites can throw the most inane intimations at Trump waiting for something to cause the Trump meltdown. Newsflash – the meltdown isn’t going to happen. The millions of citizens that voted for Trump are waiting to cast their votes again in November. And it can’t get here soon enough. We are tired of the progressive foolishness that is tearing our country apart. We have tired of waiting for our established politicians to turn this around. No matter how much Trump is Carrie Underwooded, we stand behind him.

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