Muslims are the Bigoted, Racist, Homophobes – not the Republicans

Liberals claim to love the Muslims and the gays. Liberal leaders are at a crossroads because their leadership has resulted in the largest mass murder targeting gays on American soil at the hands of a Muslim. Muslims are taught to hate gays and kill them. Muslims who kill gays are not radical; they are devout. Obama and Hillary have said they will continue the immigration of Muslims from terrorist countries by the tens of thousands despite the odds that terrorist attacks will increase.

Liberal supporters find themselves at a crossroads: are the socially agreeable policies worth the threat of more Muslim attacks? I don’t know why liberal leaders are so intent on bringing more Muslims to the United States. It could be that Barrack Hussein Obama who grew up in Muslim schools is sympathetic to Muslims. Is his fundamental transformation to revert the United States from a Christian nation to Islamic? Has Hillary sold her soul to the Muslims just to increase her bank account? Nothing explains the danger that their leadership has wrought.

Gays have the option of joining conservative republicans. According to the meme of liberal leadership, we are supposed to be the bigoted, racist, homophobes. The truth is we knew you in high school before you came out of the closet. We admire your creativity and carefree ways. We also never think of your sexuality anymore that you think of ours. The mass murder of your fellow gays hurts us because we are all human. Many republicans are the most accepting and welcoming of all. As conservative republicans, we want security and economic stability so that all can prosper. We are sorry that you are an enemy of the Muslims but we do have that in common – we are all infidels to them.

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