The Good News About Trump

Trump supporters will not be swayed by anything Hillary or any democrat will throw at Trump. They are loyal and nothing will keep them from voting for their candidate. Nothing. The negative advertising will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars and not one dollar will convince a Trump supporter to vote democrat. The negative advertising will convert democrat voters to wonder why they shouldn’t vote for Trump and then they will. Hillary and the democrats will find out that Trump earned the top republican slot.

From the beginning of Trump’s candidacy, he talked about the illegals. Then an illegal killed an innocent American on a San Francisco pier. Trump talked about the Muslims and how we don’t know enough about them. Then Muslims committed murders against their co-workers in California. Trump said that we should stop letting Muslim refugees in because they could be terrorists. Then Muslim refugees slaughtered Parisians at a concert. Trump was always one step ahead of events, by chance, but they were big events, even huge as Trump says.

Hillary’s baggage should have kept her holed up at her home but since she has the gall to run for president, Trump will open up her baggage for all to see. Despite my ideal candidate being Cruz, perhaps Trump is the person for our times. In this day and age, the tweet gets the worm. The democrats have become so nasty that it takes a tough candidate like Trump to maneuver through the bullsh%$. Go get ’em, Trump, and may the best man win.

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