Why the Conservative Candidate Cruz Failed This Time

Ted Cruz failed to win the republican primary for 2016. Hoping things will go his way 2020. Hillary or whatever democrat candidate must fail this year so if it is the Donald, so be it. We know what we will get with a Hillary or democrat president – more of the Obama agenda and horrific Supreme Court Justices. In retrospect, some reasons Cruz didn’t cinch the nomination:

  • Tea Party favorite Rubio went all in for amnesty siding with establishment republicans – he helped taint conservative politicians across the board.
  • Republican politicians failed to defund Planned Parenthood despite getting caught manipulating abortions to obtain intact baby parts and then selling them.
  • Republican politicians failed to defund Obama’s agenda on bringing in illegals and Muslims and dispursing them across our nation.
  • The Cruz-Kasich alliance lost the PR meme to Trump who accused them of colluding.
  • Cruz lost the meme on freedom of religion to instilling his religion on everyone.
  • Every word Trump spewed became the election news, ignoring the competing candidates – we noticed, Fox News.
  • Cruz should have demanded a debate with Trump. Tag-along Kasich would have had to be invited.
  • Cruz let Trump continually brag about the idea to build a wall when he could have aired his 2012 video on building a wall.
  • Cruz should have countered the Lyin’ Ted with the many Trump lies.

A Trump-Cruz debate was needed. Cruz could have been creative and defined their differences on his own terms. Since Trump refused to debate Cruz, Cruz should have had the debate with a Trump fill-in. It could have been a SNL style debate but totally scripted by Cruz resulting in a You-Tube sensation. This debate would have been the most entertaining and informative on the issues.

As a Cruz supporter, the fat lady hasn’t completed her song leaving a smidgen of hope for Cruz to become our nominee. Hope is a good thing.

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