Thoughts on Cruz Suspending Campaign

Republicans had a constitutional conservative presidential choice in Ted Cruz who would have brought back law and honor to our country. They blew it; Cruz bowed out this evening. The current president disregards our Constitution with the assistance of republican representatives and senators. The anger directed at the republican establishment is palpable. Republican voters feared another establishment candidate and when political outsider Trump entered the race claiming that he would make America great again, they jumped to him.

Trump’s popularity soared when he ignored political correctness, especially on illegals and Muslims. The media including the talking heads of Fox News hung onto every word that Trump uttered which was often derogatory remarks about his fellow candidates. Fox News all but ignored the other candidates including Cruz who is on video from 2012 talking about building a wall, one of Trump’s claims that he alone came up with this idea. Cruz became Trump’s main competition and when they debated one on one . . . oh, right, they didn’t. Trump would have been clobbered by Cruz and outed as an ignorant buffoon. News outlets could have reported on policies and backgrounds of Cruz and Trump. Instead, we got to hear Trump call Cruz ‘Lyin Ted’, unhinged, desperate and wacko. Up to the very last day of Cruz’s campaign, Trump tied Cruz’s dad to Lee Harvey Oswald – absolutely nothing to do with policy and the direction of our country. And then Indiana voted for Trump over Cruz who is uncannily intelligent, honest and a truly good person.

Now the election moves to the phase where the media turns against the republican candidate. Cruz warned us that Trump was part of the hated establishment. Now the media will report on Trump’s funding of democrat party politicians, his New York values, his failings, etc. Trump or democrat, the crony Washington party will continue when we had the candidate who would have broken it up. Americans missed the obvious that Cruz was the answer to their anger. The one thing that Ted Cruz can never admit is that he got along with the establishment. If he did, he would be lyin’.

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