Media & Obama-Style Rhetoric Helping Trump

If Trump becomes the republican presidential candidate, once again, the media and Obama-style rhetoric ‘Make America Great Again’ helped make it happen. As a viewer of Fox News, it was clear that every utterance of Trump was the election news. I favored Trump for his assistance in clearing out the establishment candidates. I also welcomed Trump’s style of bashing political correctness. But, Trump’s  non-conservative leanings keep coming to light – his New York values are real. Few details emerge on his foreign policy which is summed up in two phrases: build a wall and destroy ISIS. After Trump won the northeast liberal states, Fox News’ O’Reilly declared Trump the winner. Hannity tried to hen-peck Cruz into talking about Trump’s meme of Cruz as a cheater. Hannity could have talked about all the delegates and states that were coalescing behind Cruz. Other major media outlets ran headlines that Cruz was defeated.

Cruz is running a fantastic campaign and working for every delegate he can, plus he just chose my pick for VP, Carly Fiorina. In the earlier debates, Fiorina was the one person that could be counted on for straight-on, biting attacks of Hillary. Both of these candidates are conservative, very intelligent, and would make great leaders of the United States. Cruz can and will win a contested convention. As much as Trump and Fox News want this primary election over, rules apply. The rule is to reach a majority of the delegates – not close to, or the most, but to reach the number of 1,237. The election is now up to the Hoosiers of Indiana. No pressure.

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