Not Impressive for Trump to Win Blue States Over Cruz

So Trump is winning blue states over Conservative Cruz – the same states that Hillary and even Bernie would win. The election is shaping up that neither Trump nor Cruz will win the majority of delegate votes prior to the republican convention. Many of the headlines and talking heads are blowing off Cruz and crowning Trump as the republican candidate. Cruz has a very good chance of winning the second vote at the convention – his ground game, knowledge of the delegate process, and his steadfastness on constitutionalism give him the advantage.

This is a very exciting election that began with seventeen candidates. Trump has led the pack but the direction was always leading to a Trump versus a conservative. Establishment politicians had no chance this election season. Republicans are furious over the Washington politicians bowing to Obama. Furious does not even define how we are feeling. The U.S. is now fighting for men in dresses to use the same female bathrooms as our young daughters. Hillary, Bernie and Trump are PC on this point. The end game will be non-gender bathrooms if one of these are elected.

Trump is not winning the majority of the red states – Cruz is. Republicans, Independents and some Democrats are getting very tired of the direction of the United States. The Rule of Law has been ignored for far too long. The anything goes faux revolutionary grievances can be put to bed with Cruz. Police and military will be respected. The BlackLivesMatter crowd will not be allowed to burn down blocks of cities. The president will treat LGBT, feminist & minority groups as Americans and not pit these individual groups against the norm. Criminal illegal aliens will not be allowed to roam free in the United States. American Muslims will follow the United States Rule of Law, not Sharia. As Cruz has said, he does have conservative views but that he will not impose his views on us. States will have the rights to decide their laws, not five lifer judges. Finally, the citizens of the United States have the opportunity to vote for an honest, law-abiding, brilliantly smart politician and citizen for the most important job in the world.

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