Ode to Millenials on Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialism

BIG DIFFERENCE between democratic socialism and conservatism. Conservatism supports the freedom of individuals to go for it. If a person has a great product, service or idea and turns it into a profitable company, yay for that person. Expand, hire more workers and be successful. Socialism says boo for that person for making too much money. Government’s goal based on any type of socialism is to weaken profitable companies and increase the power of the working people. What the hell do these workers know about running a profitable company and how would they accomplish this? Pure ignorance rules the day. Take Apple and kick out the owner who has the knowledge and ability to run the company, purely for the reason that the owner is making too much money. What do the ‘workers united’ know about running Apple? The company will die along with the jobs and products. It is a utopian dream that it will remain running and profitable. The same goes for a hospital, an airline, an oil company, etc.

When the adults in the room talk about the ignorant millenials, this is what we are talking about. None of this socialist talk about workers uniting, greedy corporations, social justice is new. It is stale, old socialist, commie talk no matter who is saying it, even a grumpy, frumpy grandpa-type old white guy. Naive millenials will respond that they do not want to run the companies, they just want to redistribute the wealth. That, my little friends, is stealing. Imagine that you have a cupcake business and your hard work pays off. People love your cupcakes and pay you for them. The socialist government you voted for takes your profits to give out free stuff to others. Ya going to continue working really hard when you are not rewarded for it? The answer is no, and that answer is the same for anyone with a successful company, no matter what size.

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